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Lonely Go Karts Wallpaper


Every now and then, I get lucky with a photograph that can pass as an acceptable desktop wallpaper (at least, by my criteria). This is one of them. I was struck by how abandoned the place looked even though the complex was really anything but.

Lonely Go Karts Preview


Boredom brings a wallpaper


I’ve been a bit bored lately. Between being snowed in yesterday and being home this morning, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. During this time, I decide to take a few pictures of the snow storm from my front stoop. One of these shots looked pretty promising and I decided to make it into a wallpaper. Now, remember, this picture was taken with an aging Canon SD1000 point and shoot, so the quality isn’t that of an SLR. I hope someone enjoys it, nonetheless.

I’ve also included both widescreen aspect ratios. The wallpaper was originally created in a 16:10 ratio for my personal uses, but I worked on a decent enough 16:9 version for people with modern monitors or laptops.

16:10 aspect ratio:

16:9 aspect ratio:

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