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Lonely Go Karts Wallpaper


Every now and then, I get lucky with a photograph that can pass as an acceptable desktop wallpaper (at least, by my criteria). This is one of them. I was struck by how abandoned the place looked even though the complex was really anything but.

Lonely Go Karts Preview


The problem with this church


This isn’t meant to chastise a religion and criticize beliefs of a group of people, including the group I belong to. So, let’s not get defensive.

Today, my mom had asked me and my two sister’s to go to church as a family for Christmas. We kids haven’t gone to church in a while, so we thought it would be nice to give something to my mom that means so much to her. We went and, so quickly, I realized why this particular parish and so many others are failing. The ceremony was very solemn, which is needed to a certain degree, but also so depressing. The music didn’t have any kind of joyous tone to it and the sermon was ridiculously awful. The sermon mentioned the words “pain” and “wounds” and “depression” more than the 14th suicide note from a hyper emotional teen. To add to that, the deacon jumped from point to point like one of today’s many ADHD ridden children. It was painful (ha) to listen to.

A leader needs to be motivational and inspirational. People need care about the words they say and not count the minutes until it’s all over. Priests need to be that. Deacons need to be that. Most of them aren’t and that’s the problem with this church.

Conan O’Brien works at Best Buy


As an employee of the big blue box, it’s kind of cool to watch this. Conan decided to work at a Best Buy in California, for a day, and hilarity ensues.

Why isn’t Hollywood Undead more popular?


You know me and my music by now. It’s no secret that I love music, especially rock, and love sharing that passion with others. Let me introduce you to a band you may not know, yet.

Hollywood Undead is a band that mixes rap and rock (more rap than rock, though) in a mix of increasingly passionate and completely shallow songs. It’s actually an adventure listening to their album, Swan Songs, because you never quite know what to expect. There’s energy and irreverence and passion all mixed in to one album that just captivates the same feelings that early Eminem and Limp Bizkit works did. It’s nice to get a little taste of that old rebellion and crudeness that made some of that music so fun to listen to. If you like older Linkin Park, you may like Undead, too. Their serious tracks can, very often, sound like an LP track from a few years ago.

Give these guys and listen and let me know what you think. Everyone, at work, who has heard me playing their music has been very impressed with them. It makes me wonder why they aren’t more popular.

Click the link below to see a few of their videos.


I’m on TV


So, during my Black Friday lunch break, a local news station, News12, was in the area doing various stories about holiday shopping. By chance, they happened to be interviewing a woman in the pizzeria that me and and a co-worker walked in to to get our food. Here’s my 5 seconds of fame:

Weezer “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” Video


Talk about a long title. Either way, it’s a cool enough video to go along with an amazing song. Enjoy and thank me for thrusting some awesomeness at you.

Sometimes you need pie


The following conversation is one that took place between Melanie and I as we walked into Perkins for a late breakfast. I saw a table with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Me: Babe!
Melanie: What?
Me: I have to buy a cherry pie.
Melanie: Why?!
Me: Because it’s only 3.99!!

There’s no point to this post other than amusing you with my randomness and ability to be swayed by pies and signs that accompany them.

Smile Empty Soul “Don’t Ever Leave” video


While the single has been out for a while, the video was just released, today. It’s been a LONG time since SES has had a well made video, but this one is worth it. It’s a bit difficult to follow the story, but otherwise it’s a solid release. Enjoy.

Weezer covers MGMT and Lady Gaga


Found this video on The band covered a song by MGMT and then mixes in the recently popular “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. Oddy enough, it works very well.

Twitter blog posts not working


Still on vacation, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve noticed that the daily summaries of my Twitter posts aren’t appearing, but I have no idea why. Being limited to a phone, I can’t fix it now, sorry. You can follow my Twitter posts on the right side, though, or via Facebook. Sorry, folks.

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