There’s this record or CD or whatever you name it
That’s been playing the same and I just can’t escape it
It preys on my brain while I sit in complacence
One thinking of leaving, but remaining in patience
The speaker is loud, too loud to just face it
I cover my ears, but it’s like I can taste it
It ruins my days with a ridiculous cadence
It finds all the joy and then quickly it breaks it
Yet I’m sickly and taken by all of this music
This song was so perfect, but now it’s so putrid
It comes off as useless and brings nothing to me
It can’t pierce my soul, hell, it can’t even move me
It’s rarely still soothing, it’s rarely still peaceful
It can’t flow throughout, but it can leave me feeble
I once knew the lyrics like an addict knows needles
But now it’s all backwards and everything’s evil
But this song can still tweedle and hypnotize me
It gets stuck in my head and then gets inside me
I can hum a few bars and it brings me a smile
But the speakers give feedback, I reach for the dial
Cause it’s right here beside me, I’m nearer to leaving
Just changing the channel cause my ears are here bleeding
The joy’s been receding and this song has been played out
Please shuffle the playlist or just show me the way out