Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think I’m going crazy
Looking out the window at a world that has betrayed me
I hate to ask for favors, but I wish someone would save me
And piece me back together before I finish breaking
It’s a little much for taking, but I can’t help with the shaking
I feel a little nervous as I look at what I’m facing
For some it’s kind of normal, but these footsteps that I’m racing
Are eating at my mind like they love what they’ve been tasting
As I’m pacing back and forth again, burning through my energy
I’m warden of this prison, the one to which I sentence me
Though, everything’s been said to me to help me find composure
In this poker game we’re playing, I’m the ever falling folder
Cause I’m older, but not wiser. Not stronger and not bolder
The temperatures may rise, but the stress will keep colder
I let fear control my state of mind like it’s some super soldier
There’s courage somewhere out there, but I am not it’s holder
Cause there’s fear upon my shoulder and panic in my chest again
Negativity’s the frame of mind with which I am now friends again
I miss the old “remember when” and days of no more worries
I’ve turned this to a blizzard when it really should be flurries
So, if you’ll do the favor then please won’t you fucking hurry
Make everything all better now and rid me of this worry
Nobody has betrayed me, but it’s easier to play that game
While looking out the window and praying that I’m not insane.