Do I think that you can beat me? Well, the answer’s not so easy
When the puzzle gets to piecing, you’re the one that just completes me
In all the ways you tease me, break me and defeat me
You’re all the things I never had because I let you cheat me
And I know that you can see me, gleaming when I’m freezing
Laughing to yourself every time my hope is leaving
You’re in me when I’m seizing and you never need a reason
To let me get the best of me, wake me when I’m dreaming
But now my blood is steaming because I’m just so sick of this
I hate the way I fall to you and crumple to your viciousness
You cloud up all my visions with all your evil instruments
I let you take my happiness, replace it with your bitterness
But now it’s time we finish this so I can find the path again
I don’t know where it is and I’m so afraid to crash again
Though all I need is passion and a little piece of patch to mend
I think that I can handle this, no falling on my ass again
I think I found the gas again, so pedal to the pavement
I’ll work myself to flesh and bone and never miss a payment
Cause I’m sick of all the hatred, weakness, and complacence
I need to be a stronger man through pain and these abrasions
So, don’t mistake my patience for any kind of weakness
I’m remaking every puzzle piece to find my own completeness
And then one day you’ll see this, Chris and all his pieces
A man without his enemy, a man without his demons